The best thing that can define Bullove is the word Love. And so this project is born in Tuscany in 2014, and two years later our brand and our shop become a reality. Bullove is a philosophy of life, it is the small detail that makes us happy, the experience of a magical moment when receiving our product, the connection and friendship begins right then, and if you want that friendship will be forever. Each and every one of our clients has space in our life and heart. We are proud of all the lives and stories that have accompanied us every day for years.
One of the biggest reasons that make Bullove different is its aid campaigns, where people from all over the world connect and help us to help. It's one of the most anticipated times of the year. We all remember Bobby from U.K. where the first campaign started, or our beloved Pika from United States, Oscar, Batino and so many more... they are all representatives of the True Love Team and this human team is our greatest pride.

Without a doubt our frenchie Lennon is the most important part of the meaning of Bullove, it all starts with Lennon one spring afternoon in a cafe in Florence next to the Duomo, and that idea was born during endless walks through the vineyards of our beloved Tuscany with Mario and Catina. Lennon was loved in every corner of the world, and is always present in every detail and every second of our work. Our love, our icon, and our flag in the World!
And now our life is also accompanied by Ava and Monet, our other two Frenchies who give us the opportunity to continue connecting with people around the world through Bullove.

Do you dare to meet us?